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We sell through our retail partners and we provide direct delivery from the GTA through to Kitchener/Waterloo. Please see if we deliver to your location: delivery map.

This page is for people who live in South Western Ontario are in the delivery area as shown in the map below.

If you are not in the delivery area, view our partner map for our retail partners.

The Mini


Free shipping to most major cities. Your premium charcoal bag comes in a fully padded box to protect your charcoal from breakage in transit.

Introducing The Mini, weighting in at 13.2 pounds.
It might look small but it’s solid and built to last.
16.5” wide, 7”depth and 7” height This unit is perfect for a small quick’n easy bbq. Whether you’re going camping or it’s just you and your partner. Easy to clean, easy to light and lots of fun.


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