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Max: The Part-Time Pitmaster

I used charcoal chariots King Asado lump charcoal to get the base coals going, then added oak splits to maintain 275/300 pit temps. Clean and efficient smoke just gave my whole chicken the perfect kiss of smoke.

If you’re in the market for some amazing lump charcoal or even a great bbq pit, check out @charcoalchariotsbbq.


Kara Backyard BBQ Mom

I’m Just Kara….. Kara From The Block Charcoal Chariot Blocks in Canada that is @ScaleAndTailor
They call this “XL lump” charcoal but in my opinion they are huge blocks. When getting together with @charcoalchariotsbbq I had no idea the amazing quality of their charcoal for my outdoor BBQing. Just look at the bag, it’s 3/4 of the size of me. In all honesty – THE BEST charcoal I’ve ever used.
Huge bags, huge lumps, long lasting, ignites fast… what more can you ask for? Check out their charcoal the next time you’re grabbing a bag


Chiru: chirus.asado.bbq

I was born in Argentina and moved to Toronto in 1988. I was always around Open fire BBQ, two things you grow up with in Argentina its soccer and BBQ. It’s not just a peace of meat on the grill for us, it’s about gathering friends or family to have a good time and obviously a great tasting piece of meat. I’ve been BBQing with charcoal or wood since I was a kid and have loved it every since then.

Unleash the Pitmaster Within

Elevate your grilling experience. King Asado Charcoal is ideal for any charcoal grill.

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