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A Great Grill-the Heart Of Our Craft

We Love Barbecue

A Great Grill-the Heart Of Our Craft

Charcoal Chariots is dedicated to delivering the gold-standard of high-quality Argentine-style grills. We specialize in residential and commercial grills and carry a wide array of options and styles to choose from. We carry Argentinian grills made with the finest quality stainless steel and cast-iron grates. Our units make commercial and at-home grilling a breeze with innovative technology sure to get you beautiful grill marks and tasty food every time you fire them up.


Masterfully Crafted Grills.

The Essence Of Barbecue

Our grills were crafted with precision and care, designed to cater to both seasoned grill masters and those newly initiated into the art of barbecue. Each grill represents our commitment to quality and our dedication to the grilling experience.

Discovering the Soul of Barbecuing: The Charcoal Difference

But a great grill was only part of the equation. We soon realized that the choice of charcoal was to the art of barbecue. Dissatisfied with conventional options, we embarked on a global search for the best charcoal, leading us to the extraordinary wood of the South American Quebracho blanco.

It’s known as the “Axe Breaker” tree. This discovery marked the birth of King Asado LX Lump charcoal, a game-changer in the world of grilling.

Discovering The Soul Of Barbecuing. The Charcoal Difference
The King Asado Advantage- A Cut Above

The King Asado Advantage- A Cut Above

King Asado’s hardwood charcoal is more than just a fuel; it’s an enhanceme to the grilling experience:

  • Unmatched Charcoal Superiority: Specifically designed to avoid popping, cracking, or sparking, King Asado charcoal is not only easy to light but also lights very quickly for charcoal.
  • Premium Charcoal Mastery: Experience the ‘Axe Breaker’ advantage with charcoal that burns for up to 5 hours at an intense heat of 850 degrees Celsius, optimizing every grilling session.
  • Authenticity in Every Bite: Enrich your dishes with the unique, woodsy flavor of our charcoal. It burns almost completely, leaving your food with an irresistible steakhouse taste.
  • Harmonizing Grilling with Nature: Our commitment extends beyond the grill. Sourced sustainably from the furniture industry, our charcoal uses otherwise discarded wood, and we contribute to reforestation, combatting the effects of deforestation.
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Join the Grilling Revolution

Experience the perfect pairing of our meticulously crafted grills with King Asado’s superior hardwood charcoal. For the true barbecue connoisseur, this combination elevates grilling from a mere cooking method to an art form. Embrace the full potential of your grilling experience with King Asado.

Join the Grilling Revolution

Unleash the Pitmaster Within

Elevate your grilling experience. King Asado Charcoal is ideal for any charcoal grill.

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